Joan was born in Weisbaden, Germany, the daughter of an Air Force fighter pilot. He served 22 years in three wars. Her mother was a court reporter and legal secretary who worked for the government for 46 years before she retired. Her family moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1964 and her father was killed in Viet Nam a year later. Her mother decided to stay in the midwest and raise her five children. Joan graduated from Derby High School and received a 2-yr degree from Butler County Junior College, and then her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Administration of Justice from Wichita State University.

After traveling to 26 European countries in 1981, Joan worked for two years on the Wichita Police Department as a traffic investigator. She then worked 17 years as a buyer with the Boeing Company in Wichita, and was privileged to work on Air Force One from 1986-1990. In 1999, Joan took a voluntary layoff from Boeing to stay home with her four sons. For the next six years, she worked part-time in a small business with her husband to design, build and decorated speculative homes for resale. In 2003, she also began a non-profit organization called the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) to discourage litigation, improve the legal system, and seek “justice for all.” Joan gave up homebuilding in 2006 when her husband suddenly passed away from a heart attack at age 50. She then continued her volunteer work and for several years, was self-employed as a business consultant. She also took in several homeless young people and assisted them with food, shelter, transportation and finding jobs. After 50 years in Kansas, Joan decided to relocate her business to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2013. Traveling back and forth, she finally dissolved the A.H.A! in 2019 and became a pre-litigation consultant under the same name. Joan’s efforts are to help people resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits according to the Bible.

Joan has always paid her taxes and on time, has never filed bankruptcy and recently found out she is 1/16 Choctaw Indian. Her first involvement in politics was when she ran for the B.O.E. in Derby, Kansas in 2005. She then ran for Kansas governor in 2010 and for the United States Senate in 2014 in Oklahoma. Joan is a huge Trump supporter and will switch to Republican if elected, just missed the deadline for converting prior. She feels that the only way to effect change in America is to file lawsuits and get the right people in office. TRUTH is the new politics, and Joan thinks that the common ground for all of us is “The Golden Rule” – love your neighbor as yourself. She believes that the problems in Congress all boil down to the Bible verse that says “You can’t serve God and money” – you can’t have two masters. In general, the people in American want to serve God but the government serves money. Therein lies the problem, which is why she feels we need more true Christians in office. Those who don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, and will truly represent the people. Joan is one of them, and she cannot and will not be bought. If elected, she fully intends to put children and families first before money. Election fraud and the lack of support for President Trump was a trigger for me to run again. The Deep State has been in control of KS & OK for too long, and my aim is to give them the boot!”


Political Activity

  • Ran for United States Senator in Oklahoma as an Independent.

  • Registered as Republican to support President Trump

  • Took 12 cases to the United States Supreme Court affecting the rights of all Americans.

  • Worked with Oklahoma senators to try and remove innocent people from terrorist watch list.

  • Published a quarterly online newsletter at that went viral.

  • Assisted on the campaign to elect Kris Kobach as Kansas governor.

  • Ran for United States Senator in Oklahoma as an Independent.

  • Ran for Kansas governor as a Republican against Senator Sam Brownback.

  • Ran for Board of Education in Derby, Kansas.

  • Worked with Kansas legislature on school funding issues and Marriage Amendment.

Photo of my father
Major Jack G. Farr
KIA 27 July 1965


  • Renewed General Contractor’s license

  • Author of e-book on Kindle: How to Run for Office as an Independent Candidate – on very little $$!

  • Library of Congress Award for 2014 campaign website included in National Archives

  • Recipient of Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

  • Selected NRCC Businesswoman of the Year

  • NRCC Businesswoman of the Year

  • Received National Leadership Award as NRCC Honorary Chairman

  • C.E.O. & Founder of Association for Honest Attorneys

  • Author and publisher of TEN SECRETS You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer

  • Honored as Who’s Who Among Professionals and Executives

  • Successful completion of Real Estate licensee and Broker exams

  • Received General Contractor’s license

  • First woman builder in the Wichita area

  • Traffic investigator for the Wichita Police Department

  • Received Master’s Degree & Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from WSU / Applied Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from BCCC

The Boeing Company

  • Created a company-wide ordering method to reduce shortages saving $500,000 annually

  • Changed a commodity from make to buy saving $2,100,000 annually

  • Developed terms and conditions guidelines for first term order contract for hardware saving $100,000

  • Secret Clearance received to procure interiors for Air Force One from 1986-1990