“We need more Christian women and more regular people in office.”
“We need a Constitutional amendment so that there will always be a man and a woman as president and vice-president, with equal say.”
“We need a ‘Zero Tolerance on Arrogance’ law. Don’t we teach our kids in school not to bully?”
“I stand with Rand – let’s stop the drone targeting of innocent Americans on American soil.”
“The common ground for all of us is The Golden Rule: Treat others like you would want to be treated. Love your neighbor as yourself."
“I will donate half my salary if elected and I support term limits."
“If masks will be mandatory, then I am in favor of a mandatory death penalty for killing a police officer."
  • NOT a Lawyer

    A good Christian lawyer is really hard to find, but we have enough lawyers in Congress. Did you know that the original 13th Amendment stated that NO lawyer would hold public office? It was the intent of our Founding Fathers that regular people should be elected to Congress. Joan has never been a lawyer, but she’s had 40+ years of experience, education and observation of our legal system.

    She is currently a pre-litigation consultant who tries to resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits according to the Bible. She has also helped take 12 cases to the United States Supreme Court, the most recent involving a doctor whose medical privileges were taken away by the Army and he was never able to work again (Writ No. 19-1150).

    He wrote to government officials and the President for 9 years and no one would help him. Joan continues to fight against arrogance, oppression and retaliation by career politicians in both parties and wants to pass a “justice amendment.”

  • NOT Wealthy

    It is the poor, the middle class and Christians who make up the majority of people in America and they are not truly represented in Congress. Joan is fiscally responsible and in 2005, helped her family get out of $310K in debt in 14 months. She’s had little debt since then, and has been living by the grace of God since her husband died in 2006. Joan never took a salary as C.E.O. of her non-profit for 16 years.

    She took in homeless and disabled young people, and still managed to run for office in 2010 and 2014 using mostly her own money. She couldn’t get donations since the button continued to be blocked on her websites. The IRS targeted her organization as a Tea Party group when they never had to pay taxes since donations were under $25K annually.

    Her tax returns show an adjusted gross income under $10K for 2016-2018, but she made way too much money in 2019 and has to pay back. But her feeling is “we must render to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Joan is using her own $$ to finance her campaign and seeks no donations, just your vote. She also wants to pass a “Get Out of Debt Plan.”

  • NOT a Career Politician

    Joan was a Republican for a long time but has been a “God-driven independent” for 11 years. To be quite honest, she never really understood politics until 2004 when she started getting involved in her non-profit legal work. Back then, she was living in Kansas and saw how the GOP was all about the $$ there.

    But after moving her business to Oklahoma in 2013, she saw how different the GOP was there (in KS they “talk the talk,” but in OK they “walk the walk.”) She did support President Obama briefly in 2007 because he offered to do everything he could to get her off the terrorist watch list. However, after he was elected in 2008, he did nothing.

    Joan ultimately decided that if Jesus was alive, he wouldn’t be a member of either party, so she has been an Independent ever since. However, she will switch to Republican if elected. Btw due to a few botched-up surgeries and the coronavirus, Joan will mostly be running a social media campaign.